Vester MacIntire
First appearance June 20, 2002
Gender male
Residence Eudora, Arkansas
Occupation farmer, prison guard
Family John MacIntire (father), mother, younger brother, Gladys MacIntire (wife), daughters, Fred MacIntire (son), Faye MacIntire (daughter-in-law), Charles MacIntire (son), Davan Xanthias MacIntire I (cousin)
Relationship married to Gladys MacIntire
Comic Something Positive, Something Positive 1938

Vester was first seen working on a farm while his wife collected Fred from a Little Rock hospital.

Vester and Gladys had seven children.[1] To help pay the bills, Vester worked as a prison guard in the winter.[2]

Faye kept Vester's obituary in a scrapbook.[3]

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