First appearance Trial by Fury
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family first host (deceased), Cindy (female host), unnamed third host (male)
Powers Can attach itself to living beings, reshape itself to resemble new features (such as 36D breasts or a large penis), and project energy blasts
Comic Super Stupor

The talking tumor first appeared attached to an old supervillain, who rigged a jury trial against another supervillain in the hope that he (and the rest of a the jury) would be murdered and bother he and the tumor would find sweet release.[1]

The tumor then attached itself to Cindy, a vapid employee that thought she was passed over for promotion because of her smaller breasts. Cindy tried to seduce her boss without realizing he was gay, and was fired for both that and being a bad employee. Tumor fired an energy blast that killed her boss, declared Cindy "Mam-Mor, She-Barbarian" and tried to blackmail the city. In the ensuing fight with Punchline, Boy-Toy, Arch-Angela and Rumble Bee, the tumor was zapped off Cindy's body, and Cindy vowed revenge on the heroes.

The tumor then attached itself to the penis of host #3, temporarily incapacitating the female superheroines.[2]

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