First appearance January 14, 2002
Gender male
Comic Something Positive

Spooky ran a Shadowrun LARP at ConGoblin '03 with Mike and PeeJee (the source of one of their famous early fights).[1] He was shown to be easily-displeased with Mike's behavior, and a bit cynical. He reappeared later that year at another Con, then went years without an appearance, until being casually mentioned as having been booted from the ConGoblin board "a few years ago" in May 2007.

-In October 2007, he reappeared, having been put back on the board by Aubrey (one of the backers) and Mike, a new organizer for the Con. In 2012, he's shown forgiving Mike for his past immaturity and asking him to hang around more often. This is Spooky's last appearance.

Like many characters from the early days, Spooky is based off of a real-life friend of Randy Milholland's.

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