First appearance Forever Young
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed wife (relationship retroactively negated), unnamed legal guardian
Powers Vine swinging
Comic Super Stupor

The Prehensile Protector of the city, he met a beautiful red-head and married her. Once they got hitched, his priorities changed, so his biggest fanboy asked Clockstopper to "fix it." The time-punch removed his wife, making Spider-Monkey just a lonely, miserable middle-aged man living with his childhood guardian again. Clockstopper removed the fan from reality, though it remains to be seen if this has fixed Spider-Monkey's situation.[1]


Spider-Monkey and the events of the comic are an unsubtle jab at Marvel Comic's Spider-Man character, in particular the "Brand New Day" storyline which retroactively negated the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Appearances & MentionsEdit

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