Queen Bee
First appearance Family Ties
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Rumble Bee (sister)
Powers The Justice Tuck
Comic Super Stupor

Queen Bee is a transvestite (or possibly pre-op transsexual) and the protector of Bay City on the east coast. She is the biological brother of heroine Rumble Bee, but does not hail from the alternate reality that Rumble Bee is from.[1] Queen Bee and Rumble Bee team up occasionally.[2]


"Queen" is slang for a homosexual, particularly for a male homosexual who dresses as a female.

Appearances & MentionsEdit

  • 1 First Mentioned: Family Ties
  • 3 2nd Mention: Super Stupor #2
  • 3 3rd Mention: Super Stupor #3

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