Lawrence Sanderson
First appearance August 14, 2004
Gender male
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation "a high paying job for the state government"[1]
Relationship married to Carmen Sanderson
Comic Something Positive

Mr. Sanderson was one of the investors in the failed production of Shock Treatment directed by Davan.[2] He cancels the play, fearing that Ollie lacks the nastiness necessary in a director, but immediately gives it to Davan upon realizing that... well, Davan's an asshole.

He's shown as a nice, if overly so, affectionate man with a sick sense of humor. He shrugs off the cancellation of Shock Treatment, and reappears a year later, giving Davan a new job as his assistant. Davan promptly quits his horrible Medicaid job and begins reviewing plays and liquoring up his new boss.

Sanderson's personal flaws become well-apparent- he has a dominatrix and likes "edgy" theatre, and is horrified to find out that his mistress is cheating on him with his wife's boyfriend. He is also horrified and amazed to discover that Davan's mother raised her son while completely sober, and frequently attempts stupid ideas for theatrical productions. However, he manages to befriend Davan and even Fred, having some serious, mature conversations with the latter, often about their life philosophies. He is also horrified to learn that his old friend Gary had physically-abused his son Ollie.

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