Kyle Cheng
First appearance June 16, 2003 (PeeJee Restarts pt 2)
Gender male
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation child actor (former)
Relationship PeeJee's ex
Comic Something Positive

Kyle was a little more than ten years older than PeeJee. He asked her out for a couple of years before she finally agreed to a date.[1]

When he was fourteen, Kyle acted in a kid's show called Riggy's Treehouse dressing as a bat. His character was named Bat-tholemew. Young PeeJee had a crush on him.[2] He's eventually shown to be totally amoral, talking to Mike about women. Kyle cheated on PeeJee while they were dating, but he still asked her to marry him repeatedly.[3]

When Mike revealed Kyle's unfaithfulness, the gang beat him mercilessly, and he left the strip, trying to win her back off-panel. At some point after she dumped him he came out of the closet.[4] By 2007, he's referenced as being at Pride Day, wearing PeeJee's old pants. He's seen again in Nov 2007, joking with PeeJee and telling his mom that SHE cheated on HIM, in a somewhat friendly/caustic chat.

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