Kharisma Kerri Valetti
First appearance February 11, 2002 (Valencrime's Day pt 1)
Gender female
Occupation fugitive
Family father, Tiffany (step-mother)
Comic Something Positive

While in college, he ex-fiancé had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He was smart, athletic, born rich, and everything came easily to him. He then made a series of bad choices and everything fell apart.[1]

Kharisma was a member of the tri-delta sorority. Her father disowned her, forcing her to work for a living.[2]

She obtained employment on at least one occasion by having frequent sex with a business owner.[3]

For a while she worked at National Medico-Tech.[4] She spent a great deal of company time on LiveJournal.[5]

She later worked for Aubrey's Nerdrotica, where she suffered from a self inflicted face burn, which left her permanently scarred. She met Ollie, Avagadro's cousin and sole heir, and convinced him he was in love with her, and they should be married.

Ollie introduced her to Avagadro, who despised her and prohibited Ollie to marry while alive. This motivated a sort of "possesion" by Twitchy-hug (Davan's late cat, which Choo Choo bear got killed, and whose legs where later fashioned to an ashtray), and Kharisma's shirt, just as Twitchy's fur, changed color according to her thoughts (pink for "normal", blue for devious, black for devilish, white to surprised, and so on). Kharisma decided to continue being near Avagadro, who finally set up killing him as a condition to inherit his money. Upon his death (which was not certain to be caused by anyone else), Kharisma was suspected of murdering him, but was broken free by the Teddy bear liberation front. Since then, she's been on the run.

While on the run from law enforcement, Kharisma uses the name "Nancy Chorde". Her sanity is somehow in question since she sees and interact with a floating creature that calls her "new friend".