Kharisma Kerri Valetti
First appearance February 11, 2002 (Valencrime's Day pt 1)
Gender female
Occupation fugitive
Family father, Tiffany (step-mother)
Comic Something Positive

While in college, he ex-fiancé had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He was smart, athletic, born rich, and everything came easily to him. He then made a series of bad choices and everything fell apart.[1]

Kharisma was a member of the tri-delta sorority. Her father disowned her, forcing her to work for a living.[2]

She obtained employment on at least one occasion by having frequent sex with a business owner.[3]

For a while she worked at National Medico-Tech.[4] She spent a great deal of company time on LiveJournal.[5]

While on the run from law enforcement, Kharisma uses the name "Nancy Chorde".

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