Choo-Choo Bear
First appearance January 14, 2002 (Jhim's Kitty pt 1)
Gender male
Residence Bedford, Texas
Family Woogie (son), Daisy (aunt), Twitchy-Hug (cousin)
Comic Something Positive

Choo-Choo Bear is a "boneless" (technically, Choo-Choo Bear's skeletal structure is sufficiently gelatinous for him to simply appear boneless) and hairless cat (due to, respectively, an unexplained "rare bone disease," and chemotherapy). As a kitten he had yellow and brown fur.[1]

He is the most surreal of all the characters, capable of taking on strange shapes to comedic and/or violent effect. Jhim allowed PeeJee to talk him into adopting him, but later handed him off to Davan. The two quickly warmed to each other in spite of early reactions, and are quite defensive of each other (Choo-Choo frequently attacks most anyone else). Choo-Choo precipitated a crossover with Queen of Wands by vanishing down Davan's drain and returning some time later with Kestrel's panties, resulting in an eBay fiasco. He remains one of the most popular Something Positive characters, though Milholland says he purposely tries not to "over-expose" him.

Choo-Choo also enjoys infrequent crossovers with his girlfriend Sprinkles in Girls With Slingshots (to the point of him having a cast page entry[2]) and has 4 kittens with the cat of Doooooooooooom. Woogie, who belongs to PamJee, Singularikitty who belongs to Leslie Bean of Shortpacked!, Special K who belongs to Maureen of Girls with Slingshots, and Selina who belongs to Hazel's cousin, Robyn from All New Issues. Woogie appeared briefly in Something*Positive in fantasy style interpretations of the world around him.

He had a cousin, Twitchy-Hug,

Choo-Choo Bear is Jewish.[3]

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