Cab Ledbetter
First appearance June 24, 2002 (A Second Funeral pt 1)
Gender male
Residence Boston Massachusetts
Occupation bar owner
Family Berenger Ledbetter (son)
Relationship thrice divorced
Comic Something Positive

Cab was a medical doctor for thirty years before becoming a small business owner.[1] He has had three expensive divorces.[2]

Cab bought Chip's bar and turned it into a medical theme bar. He's seen very briefly, warning Aubrey & Davan to stay away. [3] His bar, St. James' Pub, did very badly, and he hired PeeJee to turn things around, which she did. [4]

He's seen off and on in the next few years, often shown seducing some waitress floozy. He acts in mainly a background role (PeeJee is more important at the bar), and in 2006 he introduces Berenger, his son. He suddenly becomes depressed about his lack of fatherhood skills, and meanwhile dates a girl who makes many racist comments towards Asians, and accepts her, to PeeJee's chagrin.

When PeeJee quits the bar, he is angered, and reacts poorly to Berenge admitting he's involved in gay porn. In this sequence, he becomes a much more unlikeable character, rather than a pitiful one.

-By March 2009, has finally sold the bar and moved to a richer neighborhood, apologizing to the others. The next year has him in his new bar, feeling sad about the new patrons never talking to him. He still gets to sleep with the waitresses, however. With greying temples, he's seen in 2013 being depressed, even though his bar is "doing really well".

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