First appearance Unfamiliar Faces pt 1
Gender female
Residence Denver, Colorado
Occupation production assistant
Family Stan (father), mother
Relationship divorced from Robin Stafford
Comic Something Positive

 Bian debuted on Aug. 1, 2010 as part of a brand-new cast. She caught her roommate watching Gay-For-Pay porn (featuring Berenger) in the living room, then got fired from her job. After rejecting her Aunt Clover's job offer after the old lady called her "fat", she decided to go off on her own upon discovering her friend Lucy was moving to Atlanta.

Her backstory includes someone named "Robin", with whom she'd split, and later we find out a divorce was involved. Various hints were given that she would meet up with the "Texas Cast" (as Davan felt)

Bian is mostly known in S*P circles for being introduced, promised to appear with older S*P characters at first, and then getting a backlash. Some readers assumed she was there to split up Davan and Vanessa (Randy had to promise that she would not date any S*P character who'd been introduced before she was). Despite Randy's promise that she was to appear with the cast, her appearances proved sporadic, before ultimately disappearing entirely. She has not appeared since 2011, the prospective meeting with Davan's crew never happening. It is unclear if she will ever materialize with the established cast.

There's nothing bad about Bian online.[1]

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