Berenger Ledbetter
First appearance He's That Kid
Gender male
Residence Los Angeles, California
Family Cab Ledbetter (father)
Comic Something Positive

Berenger is Cab's son, and re-entered his father's life as an angry teen boy, who frequently derided everything as "gay". He used it as a pejorative so often that everyone around him swiftly picked up a dislike for the boy.

Davan and Jason are asked to go over his poor schoolwork, though this is never followed up on. A year later, he appears posing in gay magazines, having gotten over his homophobia after realizing people looked at him the way they looked at his dad's racist girlfriend. T-Bob found a picture of him on a gay web site, and used it as his resignation letter from Berenger's dad's bar.[1]

Eventually Berenger and T-Bob ended up as roommates in Los Angeles, while Berenger does "Gay For Pay" porn. [2] Father and son are not seen together again.

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