First appearance August 31, 2002
Gender female
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation office manager at Nerdrotica
Relationship dated Davan[1], then Jason[2]
Comic Something Positive

Belinda dated Jason in the early days of the strip, for several months- despite this, she was never a major character. While dating Jason she got a temporary tattoo of mistletoe underneath her navel.[3] She wanted to try phone sex with him, but was terrible at it.[4]

When they broke up, Jason made sure Choo-Choo Bear peed on Belinda's stuff before it was mailed back to her, suggesting that the break-up wasn't his idea.[5]

Notable features were her "Little Orphan Annie" eyes (similar to Jason's in those days), and the fact that she briefly dated Davan (giving him oral sex in the process, a revelation which horrified Jason).

She reappeared out of nowhere in January 2013, almost ten years after her last appearance, admitting she acted like "a little shit" during the relationship. She suddenly had dots for eyes and extremely large breasts, and got a middle-management job at Nerdrotica.

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